• What is the Wellspring Project?


    The Wellspring Project will build a centre for wellbeing with mikveh at its heart.


    We will welcome people of all genders and all faiths and people of non religious beliefs. Wellspring will offer talking and complementary therapies, and pools for the powerful Jewish ritual of mikveh (immersion).


    It will be a space to create new rituals and for people to experience immersion on their own terms.

    We are proud members of the Rising Tide Open Waters international mikveh network.


    Click here to learn more about the project and see more detailed plans.

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    It's about bloody time, period

    13th Oct

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    Date: Wednesday 13th Oct 2021  Venue: the Jewish Museum    Contact: Rachel Heilbron, Wellspring Project Director   Eventinformation:    Emma Barnettd emands more period talk. The woman’s hour host’s, new book “It’s about bloodytime, period” asks why we’ve clammed up about menstruation.   ...
    February 8, 2021 · Press Releases
    Date: Monday 22nd February 2021 (registration required - tinyurl.com/wellspringfeb22) Contact: Rachel Heilbron, Wellspring Project Director info@wellspringprojectuk.org, Event information: Following the inspiring launch of the Wellspring Project this event will delve deeper into the...
    January 19, 2021 · Press Releases
    Press Release Tuesday 19th January 2021 Launch event for new community mikveh hears how the Jewish community needs a dedicated space to promote mental health and wellbeing The full event can be viewed at tinyurl.com/wellspringjan21 Contact: Rachel Heilbron, Wellspring Project Director info...
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